Flight To Freedom is a new online game about the Underground Railroad that came online today. You have to register to play (it’s easy to do so), and it’s designed in the “choose your own adventure” genre.

It’s part of Mission US, which is funded by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment For The Humanities.

It’s first game, For Crown Or Colony, is also a very well designed “choose your own adventure” game. That game was on The Best Online Learning Games Of 2011 list, and I’m sure this new one will be on this year’s list.

I’ll also be adding this new game to The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories.

This new game joins a long list of “choose your own adventure” games where players take the role of an escaped slave on the Underground Railroad. Others include:

Following The Footsteps from Thinkport.

The Underground Railroad from National Geographic.

Addy’s Escape To Freedom from American Girl (which does not work sometimes).