“The Onion,” the satirical news site, can often times be mean-spirited and in bad taste. But sometimes it can sure be funny, too!

Here are my picks for The Best Education Articles From “The Onion.” Please let me know which ones I’ve missed:

Underfunded Schools Forced To Cut Past Tense From Language Programs

Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation’s Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students

Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington

School ‘Fine,’ U.S. Teens Report

New Study: Books Don’t Take You Anywhere

Arizona High Schools To Now Teach Spanish Entirely In English

Bilingual Education Under Fire

Progressive Charter School Doesn’t Have Students

These next three aren’t school related, but they’re still among my favorites:

‘How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder

President Obama’s personal flowchart deconstructing the ethics of pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey

Gap Between Rich And Poor Named 8th Wonder Of The World

“The Onion” Does Satire On Teach For America

NRA Calls For Teachers To Keep Loaded Gun Pointed At Class For Entire School Day is from The Onion.

You’ll want to read the funny and sad piece in The Onion that’s titled “Teacher Asks Students To Split Into 2 Groups To Simulate Ideal Class Size.”

Tips For Fixing The Nation’s Education System is another great satirical article from The Onion.

Here are a couple of them:

Discourage teacher turnover by downplaying the importance of having money and respect

Maybe get some underprepared, overconfident recent college graduates in there to figure things out

Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing is satire from The Onion.

Oh God, Teacher Arranged Desks In Giant Circle

Arne Duncan Stressed About Preparing For Standardized Secretary Of Education Exam

Funny, Yet Sad: “The Onion” Publishes Excellent Commentary On Importance Of History

Not from The Onion, but in the same spirit:

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