I’ve previous posted about “Turn-O-Phrase,” a game where you are shown images that give hints to common English phrases, and you need to identify that words that would go along with them. You can also get hints. I had two concerns about the game, though — one, in order to play it, you had to login with a Facebook or Twitter account (and that was going to rule out having students play it at schools where those sites were blocked) and, two, users weren’t able to create their phrases and turn them into games.

Well, Ilya Bagrak, the site’s creator, has now responded to both of those concerns. As of today, users can create an account only using their email, and players can also create their own phrases. Creation couldn’t be made easier — think of a phrase, type the words in, representative images automatically appear, and pick which ones you want as clues — you’re done!

The game is already on The Best Learning Games For Intermediate English Language Learners list, and now I’m adding it to The Best Places Where Students Can Create Online Learning/Teaching Objects For An “Authentic Audience.”