My Teacher Leaders Network David B. Cohen has just published an interview with me over at the Accomplished California Teachers blog. You might find it useful/interesting. Here’s one short excerpt:

 When you think about public education in Sacramento, in California, or in general, what gives you the greatest hope and the greatest cause for concern?

It may sound a bit corny, but I experience the greatest hope each day during the school day (or, I should say, during most school days — my students and I have our bad days, too).  The vast majority of students want to learn, and the vast majority of educators want to get better at their craft.  Being part of the great work of groups like Accomplished California Teachers and Teacher Leaders Network also provides me with the hope that we might be able to have an impact on educational policy issues.
My greatest cause for concern is seeing so many so-called “reformers” — an enormous number of them having little or no direct experience in the classroom — wanting to push non-evidence based changes on our students and us teachers.  We are not test tubes to be experimented on….

And, if you’re interested, I’m adding it to A List of Interviews With…Me.