Here are the newest additions to The Best Posts & Articles About The New York Court Decision Releasing Teacher Ratings:

Teacher Quality Widely Diffused, Ratings Indicate is from The New York Times. That paper is publishing the ratings, despite the article saying:

The ratings, known as teacher data reports, covered three school years ending in 2010, and are intended to show how much value individual teachers add by measuring how much their students’ test scores exceeded or fell short of expectations based on demographics and prior performance. Such “value-added assessments” are increasingly being used in teacher-evaluation systems, but they are an imprecise science. For example, the margin of error is so wide that the average confidence interval around each rating spanned 35 percentiles in math and 53 in English, the city said. Some teachers were judged on as few as 10 students.

NYC releases teachers’ value-added scores — unfortunately is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post.