There have been a number of recent studies and articles on self-control and willpower. They’re interesting enough to post here, but not useful enough, I think to add to My Best Posts About Helping Students Develop Their Capacity For Self-Control:

Is Twitter Really More Addictive than Alcohol? The Vagaries of Will and Desire is from TIME, and reports on some recent studies.

Can Teachers Increase Students’ Self Control is by Daniel Willingham and actually was published a few months ago. I wouldn’t say there’s anything in it that will be new to regular readers of this blog, but it does provide a good overview.

Where Does Self-Discipline Come From? is by Wray Herbert. It reports on an intriguing new study on self-control, though I’m not convinced it really provides anything that will be useful to teachers.

Lent and the Science of Self-Denial is from TIME.