TED, the organization known for its short, thought-provoking videos, began a new channel dedication to education today. It’s called TED-ED. Here’s how it describes the initiative:

It offers up original video content that marries the talent of great teachers with top animators to bring concepts like neuroscience to life in in short videos, typically 5 minutes long….Through its open submission process, animators and educators from around the globe can contribute lesson plans and video reels on any topic…Select lesson submissions will be matched with chosen visualizers to create video lessons worth learning, watching, and sharing.

Right now, it has four “playlists” — “Awesome Nature,” “How Things Work,” “Playing With Language,” and “Questions No One Knows (Yet) The Answer To.” Here are samples from each one:

I’m adding this info to The Best Teacher Resources For “TED Talks” (& Similar Presentations).