I’ve recently found some pretty good Pinterest resources that I’m adding to The Best Guides To Figuring Out Pinterest:

Pin A Quote lets you drag a bookmarklet to your browser and then lets your create a “pinnable” image of any quotation on the web. It couldn’t be easier to use! In addition, the image you pin to Pinterest has the original url address of where you got the quote. I really like this tool. Here’s a short video describing how it works. Below that you’ll see an example of a pinnable quote I’ve taken from one of my Education Week articles on “finishing the year strong.” In addition to my Useful Classroom Images Board on Pinterest, I’ve now started a “Useful Quotations” Board. You can also follow both here.

Since it’s so easy to use, I figure I’ll starting highlighting key quotes from articles I read. And since it creates an embeddable image, I can also post a few of the best ones on my blog, too.

Source: pinaquote.com via Larry on Pinterest



Pinterest Basics For Bloggers is from ProBlogger. Thanks to Pilar Pamblanco for the tip.

Pinterest for Educators? is by Eric Sheninger and appeared in Edutopia.