I’m sure there are plenty of fun videos out there about books and reading, and I hope readers will point me in the direction of others besides the ones on this list (I’ve also somewhat expanded the list to include videos of creative, though maybe not “fun,” examples of encouraging reading).

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I’ve used the videos on this list both as “discussion starters” and as fun ways to end a class when I have a few minutes of “extra” time left:

Here’s the famous “Gotta Keep Reading” video from Ocoee Middle School:

Here’s what books do at night when we’re not looking:

Here’s a fun combination of library scenes from movies and TV shows:

“The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” won the Oscar for Best Animated Short this year. It’s described as taking:

…place in a world where books are living creatures. It offers sentimental tale about the power of books and storytelling.

Here it is:

Here’s a Rube Goldberg machine that turns the pages of your newspaper:

Here’s one on organizing a bookcase:

Book Dominoes:

A maze grows in London is a Washington Post slideshow and Artists create maze using 250,000 books is a CBS News slideshow — both about the same event. Even though they’re not videos, I’m adding them to this list.

The Atlantic published a great story headlined Taking Literature To The Streets, and it shares lots of fun ideas where people are “using guerrilla marketing tactics to promote reading.”

One they featured is about a Brazilian project that combines subway tickets with books:

It’s not a video, but here a links to a couple of great stories about vending machines in France that offer free short stories.

Here’s a video about a neat project in Portland:

To Die By Your Side – (Mourir auprès de toi) by Spike Jonze from Fabien feintrenie on Vimeo.



As I mentioned earlier, I hope you’ll recommend more!

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