I encourage my students to encourage their academic career after high school. Some wonder why they should since they’re undocumented and question if going to college will really provide them with any better opportunities than they have now.

For those students, and for others, there’s now a great free book (available for download) titled “Life After College: A Guide For Undocumented Students.”

CNN just published a piece
on the book and its author, an undocumented college graduate. (thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip)

Here’s the official description of the book:


LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: A GUIDE FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS BRAND NEW FOR 2012! This 73-page guide contains valuable information, tips, and resources to help undocumented students navigate life after graduation. While initially it may seem as though undocumented students have limited options upon graduating from college, this guide is intended to shed light on the possibilities that do exist. The guide has been written to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible by including personal narratives, student testimonials and advice from experts. We hope that undocumented students and allies read through this guide and walk away feeling encouraged and unafraid of the next steps. Author: Iliana Perez Download here

“The guide is an inspirational and practical resource for students who are facing challenging dilemmas on how to continue in higher education or earn a living. Students can learn that real options are available and connect with supportive allies in the community like E4FC.” — Bill Ong Hing, University of San Francisco School of Law

“The Life After College Guide is excellent. It is probably the most valuable guide produced so far for undocumented students, and it is written BY undocumented students, which is wonderful. This will be an invaluable guide to undocumented students who are in high school, university, and have already graduated.” — Mark Silverman, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

“The Life After College Guide is a thorough, practical resource for undocumented students trying to navigate the complexities of earning a living, society, and immigration law. I highly recommend it.” — Stephen Yale-Loehr, Cornell Law School

About the Author: ILIANA PEREZ was born in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico and immigrated to the United States when she was eight years old. With the support and encouragement from her parents, family and friends, she graduated with academic and university honors from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Econom­ics. Upon graduation, Iliana went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Global Political Economy and Finance at the New School for Social Research in New York City. She believes that every student deserves the right to an education regardless of legal status. Because of her personal and educational history, she feels committed to bringing change to immigrant communities in the U.S. and later to commu­nities in Mexico. Iliana would like to embark on an academic career that will ultimately prepare her for a career in academia as a professor. Iliana is currently a first-year doctoral student in the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

I’m adding this info to The Best Sites For Encouraging ELL’s To Attend College.