It’s About ‘Quality, not Quantity, of School Time’ is the headline of one of my Education Week Teacher columns.

There has been more and more discussion lately about the idea of extending the school day. Much research has actually found it of questionable value unless it is accompanied by a major rethinking of how the the time is spent. Our school has an after-school program that enrolls a huge percentage of our students, but it’s mainly concentrated in offering what many would consider high-interest enrichment activities, such as drama, ethnic studies, dance, weight-training, etc.

I’m hoping that readers can contribute additional resources on this topic.

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Here are my choices for The Best Resources On The Idea Of Extending The School Day:

Expanded Learning Time Not Always a Cure-All, Report Says
is from Education Week.

More Questions About ELT is by John Thompson at This Week In Education.

Ultra Long School Day For All — It Doesn’t Fit is from The Chicago Tribune.

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Extended School Days and School Years is from the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.

What new research on extended school day says appeared in The Washington Post.

How NOT to extend the school day was also in The Washington Post.

Arguments For and Against Longer School Years is from Poynter and, despite its title, also touches on a longer school day.

The Perennial Reform: Fixing School Time is by Larry Cuban.

Will $3 Million Buy A “Total School Makeover” For 20,000 Students? The Ford Foundation Says It Will

When it comes to a longer school day, something’s got to give is by Sam Chaltain.

Expanded Learning Time as an Avenue to Change is by By Barnett Berry & Frederick M. Hess.

FactCheck: should we make the school day longer? is from Channel 4 News.

Quote Of The Day: More Time For Teacher Collaboration Better Than Longer School Day For Students

Building A Better School Day is from The Atlantic.

Britain wants to make its kids smarter by adding an hour to the school day is from Quartz.

Study Finds Adding More Periods Of Instruction That Didn’t Work In First Place Doesn’t Help High School Readers


Research Suggests All Those Districts Considering Adding More Days Or Minutes Should Think Again

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