I just saw a post from Maureen Devlin, where she’s sharing a great lesson of having her students create short videos teaching math concepts.

I’m a big fan of students teaching their classmates and others, as I’ve shared in posts like “What I Cannot Create, I Do Not Understand.”

She’s showing her students a model video she’s created, and she’s also showing them a Khan one. I’ve previously shared my concerns about The Khan Academy (see The Best Posts About The Khan Academy) though, not being a math teacher, I don’t feel qualified to give anything but the broadest critiques of the math videos they produce. However, their history videos are absolutely horrible.

I’m assuming, though, that Maureen will be able to find at least one math video that isn’t too bad.

Kudos to Maureen for having students do a project that reaches the highest level of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy — create. I hope she can share what they come up with…. I may try to have my U.S. History students do something similar.

By the way, I particularly like the “critique sheet” she’s having her students use, and which she makes available for download on her post.