I took forty students to the zoo this past week, and am still recovering 🙂 . I can hardly wait for our annual trip in May to San Francisco with 120 students!

I thought readers might, or might not, find it useful/helpful to see what I had students do at the zoo, which is a good example of what we do on these kinds of trips.

Students chose their own small groups of 3-5 people, and decided on a “leader.” They have a fair amount of freedom on our trips, as long as they always stay together, and the leader has a cellphone that stays on — I have their number and they have mine. They also have to be on time when we all meet together at various times during the trip.

For the zoo trip, they had to complete a fairly simple scavenger hunt I created.

Near the end of our trip, they had to say their favorite part of the zoo and why they liked it. You can see all of these videos at our class blog, and here’s an example:

What do you do on your field trips?