Here are some recent good articles and posts on educational policy issues:

Flunking the Test is from The American Journalism review and is a commentary of mainstream media coverage of school issues.

A Model Lesson: Finland Shows Us What Equal Opportunity Looks Like is by Pasi Sahlberg. I’m adding it to The Best Resources To Learn About Finland’s Education System.

Abolish Tenure? is by Richard Kahlenberg. I’m adding it to The Best Articles For Helping To Understand Why Teacher Tenure Is Important.

Flipping the Script on Turnarounds: Why not Retain Teachers instead of Reject Them? is by Anthony Cody at Education Week. He has also written Spinning the Numbers on Turnarounds: School Improvement Grant Controversy Brews. I’m adding both to The Best Resources For Learning About The Four School Improvement Grant Models.

SIG Failure Explained is by John Thompson. I’m adding it to the same list.

Hired Guns on Astroturf:How to Buy and Sell School Reform is by and appeared in Dissent Magazine.

Secrets of ‘miraculous’ charter management organizations appeared in Valerie Strauss’ blog at The Washington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools.

Remembering Test Scores and Learning about Regression toward the Mean
is by Larry Cuban. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On How To Prepare For Standardized Tests (And Why They’re Bad).