You can now pre-order the second edition of The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide here.

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It will be published in early 2022.



(NOTE: Our New Book On Teaching English Language Learners Is Out Three Weeks Early!)

Here’s Our Chapter On Distance Learning With ELLs & It’s Free To Download (No Registration Required!)

I just received an image of my upcoming book’s front cover:

Katie Hull is my co-author, and it has been published by Jossey-Bass. If you click on the cover, it will take you to the pre-order site.

Here are some excerpts that have been published by Edutopia and Education Week:

Do’s & Don’ts For Teaching English Language Learners

Seven Tips for Building Positive Relationships with English Language Learners

Assessment & Reflection With ELLs—And All Students

Fostering Relationships in the Classroom

ASCD Express has published Two Challenges in Teaching ELLs: Primary Language Use and Book Selection

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Lots Of Good Tidbits On Teaching English Language Learners

All The Figures In Our ELL Book Can Now Be Downloaded By Everybody

What to do — and not do — for growing number of English Language Learners is a book excerpt that appeared in The Washington Post.

Interview With Co-Author Of “ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide”

Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part I

Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part II

Using Photos With English Language Learners

Eight Ways to Use Video With English Language Learners

Another Excerpt From Our Book On Teaching ELL’s!

You Can Read & Download The Entire First Chapter From Our ELL Book For Free

Extremely Positive Review Of Our ESL/ELL Book