We only have a few more weeks of school left, and I’m hoping I again survive next week’s annual field trip where I take 110 students to San Francisco from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Don’t expect much blog or Twitter activity from me on Wednesday — the day after 🙂

After school ends in mid-June, I’ll be focusing my efforts on writing a sequel to my book, Helping Students Motivate Themselves. In August, Jossey-Bass will release my newest book, The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide (co-authored by Katie Hull Sypnieski).

Also, I won’t be publishing new posts at my Education Week Teacher blog between mid-June and September, though I will organize the fifty columns I have written there this past school year and periodically post “collections” of them (classroom management, student motivation, etc.).

My blogging schedule here will also probably be a little lighter, though I will be publishing several mid-year “The Best…” lists. I’ll also be continuing my work with the State of California’s Educator Excellence Task Force in developing recommendations on how to handle teacher evaluations.

Family time and playing basketball are, of course, also on the summer agenda!

In the fall, it looks like I’ll be teaching IB Theory of Knowledge, a combined Beginner/Intermediate ELL class, and a ninth-grade class mainstream English class. Of course, with all the lay-offs at our District and at our schools, it’s always possible I might end up teaching something else.

I’ll be re-starting my Education Week Teacher column then, and will also begin a bi-monthly Edutopia blog.

Of course, we all know what they say about the best laid plans….