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There are quite a few very good ways for ESL/EFL/ELL teachers to get online professional development.

I’ve already shared some of those ways in previous “The Best…” lists, including:

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Here are four other resources that are worth considering and, if you know of others, please let me know:

The School of TEFL
is from David Deubelbeiss, the genius behind EFL Classroom 2.0. Here is how he describes it:

“The School of TEFL teachers site is a community designed to support new and ongoing teacher professional development for those teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. I and former colleagues have taught many of our courses here and offer the matching resources for all teachers. As well, find many workshop and lecture associated materials from my own deep training history. A quick registration is required so we can keep away the spammers. Also, I’ll be launching my TESOL certificate course soon and this community will serve as a Q and A and resource base (and right now, there is a free Basic certificate course available at the School of TEFL site – closed when 100 teachers are enrolled). In closing, this site is another effort on the part of myself to help teachers find materials and information for free, to pursue their own PD in this new age of open learning. “

The Electronic Village Online
is the annual online professional development series done in conjunction with the TESOL Convention.

The International Teacher Development Institute is a new project that I have written about previously and looks pretty impressive.

The American TESOL Institute has free Friday Webinars.

English Agenda is a site from the British Council which offers a wealth of language-teaching research and online professional development.

EFL Talks has lots of useful videos for ELL teachers.

Great Saturday Opportunity For Free ELL Teacher Professional Development!

Again, please share other places I’ve missed.

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