Education Week has just published a “must-read” series of articles on Latinos’ School Success: A Work in Progress.

Here’s how Lesli A. Maxwell at the Learning The Language blog describes it:

There’s a piece that takes a close look at how the immigration law in Alabama has affected the Mexican immigrant community in and around the small community of Foley, especially the students and the educators at a local elementary school who have worked hard to integrate immigrant families into the school. We report on how Latino students are more likely than any of their peers to miss out on a quality preschool experience and the implications of that on their later schooling experience, especially for children who do not speak English. You’ll find detailed reporting on why college remains an elusive goal for so many Latino students and a separate piece that examines what, in particular, poses barriers to Latinas entering higher education. There is a story that examines the achievement of Hispanics in the Miami-Dade school system and how there, the Spanish language and culture of the immigrant community is viewed and used as an asset in the public schools.

We also feature profiles of students from around the country, each of whom represents one of the six largest Hispanic heritage groups in the U.S.

The report is also packed with research and analysis that zeroes in on Latino students.