I’ve previously posted about how much I like Thinglink, a free site that lets you turn photos into interactive images (see “Thinglink” Could Be A Great Tool For ELL’s).

ImageSpike is a new web tool that is supposed to do just about the same thing. However, unlike Thinglink, whose embeddable image works fine for me, the interactive labels for ImageSpike didn’t work when I tried to embed it on this blog. The link to it works fine, though, and you can see it here. Even though though I just labeled items without including links, you can do that with both tools.

It’s unclear to me, though, if ImageSpike is going to remain free. If it does, it’s always handy to have two options in case one gets blocked by school content filters. However, if they start charging, then Thinglink clearly remains the favorite, and, to their credit, they also seem to doing some outreach to teachers, too. Another advantage to Thinglink is that you can save all your images in your “dashboard” and edit them. ImageSpike says you can access your images to make changes through use of your email address, but that didn’t work for me (but it may have been do to my ineptitude and not problems with the site).

Of course, the fact that I couldn’t embed a workable ImageSpike is a problem, too. Readers might want to try it out and see if they have similar problems. If it embeds for you, it might just be a hiccup with the Edublogs platform. Let me know your experience.