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(NOTE: This post originally was a request to readers for suggestions of Smartboard and IWB resources. Responses were so good that I’ve decided to convert this post into a “The Best…” list. However, instead of listing recommendations within the body of the post, as I’ve done with my 900 other “The Best…” lists, you should just go directly to the comments to see all the great resources people recommend)

I’ve never used a Smartboard, though I regularly use smaller versions of $2 interactive whiteboards.

And I have a lot of respect for Bill Ferriter’s judgment in most things (see Wasting Money on Whiteboards. . . and Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards).

Given all that, though, I know a lot of teachers are in situations where they have these kinds of Smartboards in their classrooms.

Reader Jay Sugerman will soon have one, and he emailed this message to me:

please recommend both the best sites to learn how to incorporate this tool as well as any collections of good interactive sites and lessons.

So, as we said in my community organizing days, we are living in the world as it is as opposed to living it in the world as we’d like it to be — what are you suggestions for Smartboard sites and collections for teachers who have them?

Interactive Whiteboards #101 : A short primer is from The Whiteboard Blog. Thanks to Richard Byrne for the tip.

Teacher Training Videos has a screencast
on how to use Smartboards with English Language Learners.

Modern Chalkboard offers a lot of resources for Smartboards.

Whatever Happened to Interactive Whiteboards? is by Larry Cuban.