I’ve written a lot in blogs, books and article about the value of using images in English language instruction (see The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons).

And, just over the past couple of months, some new web tools have come online that let you annotate photos easily and enhance the ways photos can be used by English Language Learners (see my posts about Thinglink and ImageSpike).

Now, a new free site called MarQueed may have done them both one (or two) better:

First, it lets you drag-and-drop images from the Web or from your computer.

Second, you can draw as well as type your annotations.

Third, you can create collections of your annotated photos that can be made public or private.

Fourth, and most importantly, you can have multiple people annotate the photos. In other words, multiple students can collaborate in annotating photos.

Here’s a short video about how it works. I think it’s a real winner.