Here are the newest additions to The Best Sites For Learning About The History Of Technology:

The National Geographic Channel has begun a show on technology called The Link. Here is how Wired describes it:

In our forward-thinking world, we tend to think that ancient technology is, well, ancient. But all of our modern innovations rely on advancements made long ago, sometimes thousands of years in the past…. [it] explores the connections between old technology and new. The show will look at how innovations in one field — such as science, art, finance, or medicine – jump to others.

You can see lots of videos from the show at the site itself. Here’s an example:

Predictions for Educational TV in the 1930s is from The Smithsonian.

How Headphones Changed the World is from The Atlantic.

The Museum of Endangered Sounds is a cool and fun site.

Pushing All Our Buttons
is a New York Times piece on the history of the television remote control.

The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol’ Dial-Up Modem Sound is from The Atlantic.