“Can Character Be Taught” was a session at the Aspen Ideas Institute yesterday, and they just posted the video. It’ an hour-long, and panelists include author Paul Tough, whose book is being published this summer and two others (from what I believe are private schools — what do any of us who teach in public schools know about this stuff anyway? (after seeing it again, I see that one of the founders of KIPP was originally going to attend the panel, so I should probably change my question to “What do any of us who teach in non-charter public schools know about this stuff anyway?”). It’s primarily based on Tough’s article that appeared in the New York Times Magazine last year, What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?

I wrote a critique of some of the points made in that article. You can read that at The Washington Post, Why schools should not grade character traits.

Nevertheless, I think it’s an interesting video:

NBC News’ Education Nation: Can Character Be Taught? from The Aspen Institute and The Aspen Institute on FORA.tv