Regular readers know that I often use Storify to collect useful links or describe certain events, primarily through curating tweets. You can see all my “Storifies” here.

Storify is a great tool, but it its length can sometimes been annoying if you are sharing a lot of tweets, websites or articles about a particular topic.

Today, though, I learned that there is another option to display your completed Storify — you can turn it into a slideshow! And it’s very simple to do so. All you have to do is type in /slideshow at the end of the url address to your Storify, and the last slide provides the embed code (thanks to “Modern Lois Lane” for the tip).

Here’s an example of how my latest “Top Tweet” collection looks using the slideshow (oops, unfortunately, it appears that if you are reading this on an RSS Reader, the Storify link will only take you to a list of the slides, not the actual slideshow itself. If you have to actually go to my blog to see it as a slideshow):