In yet another attempt to get at the enormous backlog I have of sites worth sharing, I’ve recently begin a regular feature called “The Week In Web 2.0.” It’ll be a short compilation of new decent sites that are worth noting, but maybe not necessarily worth a separate post and generally — though not always — not worthy of being on a “The Best…” list (let me know if you think I’m wrong in my assessment, though):

Vizify lets you create a visual representation of your activity in multiple social media sites. You still have to apply for an invite code to try it. I’ve received mine, but haven’t gotten a chance to try it out. However, Diana Laufenberg did use it and shared what her page(s) looked like (it, along with all the other public samples on the site, seem to have disappeared when I’m posting this info, but I suspect they’ll be back soon). It seems cool-looking, but I’m not convinced that it really bring that much “valued-added benefit” (if you’ll excuse my using that phrase that is so tainted).

Stipple is another tool that lets you annotate photos with links to other sites or text. I’ve posted about others in The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons (Thinglink being the most prominent). You need an invitation code to try-out Stipple, so I won’t add it to that list until it goes public.

Storywheel lets you create slideshows using your Instagram photos.

Wikibrains is an interesting brainstorming tool. It’s particularly intriguing for English Language Learners since it seems to be able to suggest words in the process. However, it didn’t work that well for me, and I’m not sure if it’s me or their site.