My new book, “The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners of All Levels,” (co-authored by Katie Hull Sypnieski), is now available — three weeks earlier than scheduled!

Electronic versions, though, may not be available until the original publishing date — August 20th — but they might be out earlier, too.

You can read lots of excerpts here, and order it here. We also have additional excerpts coming up in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Education Week.

Katie and I will be starting to tweet key sentences from the book everyday for thirty days soon, probably starting next week. I’ll be writing more about it here.

All the Figures in the book — and, believe me, there are tons of them — will be available free on the web and will be downloadable at this website (whether or not you purchase the book,  though, obviously, they’ll make a lot more sense in context). However, it appears that I wasn’t the only one surprised at the early release, so the page isn’t live yet. I’ll post when it is….

Any feedback on the book — positive or critical — is welcome.