In my book, Helping Students Motivate Themselves, I include an extensive and engaging lesson plan on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Portions of it can also be found at The Best Resources For Helping Teachers Use Bloom’s Taxonomy In The Classroom (oops, sorry, I had originally linked to the wrong list — it’s fixed now).

In both places, I also include discussions of the dangers of viewing it as a rigid pyramid that must be climbed rung-by-rung.

A new addition to that lesson plan, which I hadn’t gotten around to sharing here previously but which has worked well with students, is to show them different illustrations of Bloom’s Taxonomy and have them determine which they think is best and why (and to also give them the option of creating their own). I do this near the end of the lesson after they’re familiar with the different levels and the interplay between them.

It’s easy to find different versions on the Web by searching images with “Bloom’s Taxonomy,” but I thought readers might find it useful to see the ones I’ve used or am planning to use. Feel free to offer suggestions of other ones I’ve missed, too:

Blooming Butterfly

Blooming Circle

Flipped Bloom’s

Kathy Schrock’s Bloom’s As Gears