Using drama in the classroom, especially for English Language Learners, can be a great instructional strategy (I’m not talking about the everyday drama we encounter 🙂 ).

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Here are my choices for The Best Resources On Using Drama In The Classroom:

The New York Times Learning Network is running a great series on using drama in the classroom.

Drama In The ESL Classroom has lots of resources.

ESL Flow has a number good materials.

Check out 10 Methods to Incorporate Drama in the ESL Classroom from Busy Teacher.

Drama In English Language Teaching is from Teacher Talking Time.

Gary Carkin’s ESL/EFL Drama Log

Drama Sites and Ideas for EFL, ESL Classrooms is from A Journey In TEFL.

Try Drama and Role Play with English Learners is from Middleweb.

No drama: Improvisation in the ELT classroom is from GERALDINETEACHER.

Five drama activities is by Ken Wilson.

Remote Theatre is a site designed to support ELL teachers and students use drama in remote teaching settings.

Please let me know if you have additional suggestions….

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