Thanks to recommendations from readers, I’ve now turned this post into a “The Best…” list

A lesson I’m developing (which I’ll ultimately post here) needs a few short funny video clips showing bad teachers in action. I’ve previously posted The Best Places To Learn About (And View Video Clips Of) Teachers In The Movies, but that list is primarily about good teaching.

There are plenty of serious clips of bad teachers, but I need funny ones — that are also not that disrespectful of students (like this famous Senfeld as history teacher one).

Here are my choices for The Best Funny Clips Of Bad Teachers:

There’s this one of Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

MrWrubleski recommended this from a funny Canadian show:

Neil recommended this one:

Jennfer Martin suggested these from a show called “Good Luck Charlie” (those clips have been deleted, but you can see more at the show’s YouTube channel).

More suggestions are welcome!