Authentic audiences are always motivating for students, and I thought having an expanded list of places where students could post book reviews people other than classmates or a teacher would see them would be useful. I’ve had a few in The Best Places Where Students Can Write For An “Authentic Audience” list, but I was sure there were more.

So I put out a call on Twitter, and got a lot of great responses. I hope readers will contribute even more.

Here are The Best Places Where Students Can Post Book Reviews For Authentic Audiences:

Good Reads

Amber Garbe suggested Biblionosium.

Meenoo Rami suggest Figment.

Margie Myers-Culver suggested Share What You’re Reading at Scholastic. She wrote a good blog post about it here.

Several suggested The Stacks at Scholastic, though it’s unclear to me where students can write reviews there.

Bookopolis lets teachers create virtual classrooms — for free — where students can identify the book they’re reading (they just have to type in the title and the site automatically “finds” it) and write a review. There are a number of other features, too. It seems like a very useful site, though I’m less-than-thrilled with the extrinsic points and badges students can earn.

DogoBooks lets students write book reviews.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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