Today, NPR ran stories on the development of two English-language websites/television channels with a Latino target audience — Eyeing Latinos, NBC News Snuggles Up To Telemundo and How Fox Pioneered A Formula For Latino News.

The websites of these channels can be a source of high-interest reading materials for students, and some of the videos can also be useful in class. I thought I’d start a list of these kinds of English-language news sites that focus on a particular ethnic group. The list right now only includes ones for a Latino audience, and I’m hopeful that readers can help me identify good ones for other groups.

Here are my choices for The Best English-Language News Sites With A Diverse Cultural Focus:

NBC Latino

Huffington Post Latino Voices

Fox News Latino

ABC and Univision are starting a channel in 2013 and announced that they would begin a website this summer, but it doesn’t appear that they have unveiled it yet.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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