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is a short and simple list of multimedia resources that would be useful for introducing students to the value of charts, graphs and infographics and what they mean.

I’m hoping readers will suggest other resources. There are many examples of “funny charts” online, but they’re usually in collections that have ones that are not appropriate for classroom use. Let me know if you have examples of specific ones I can post or link to here.

Novelty is a great way to introduce lessons, and these resources certainly fit the bill!

Here are my choices for The Best Multimedia Resources For Introducing Students To The Advantages Of Charts & Graphs:

“Venn Diagrams (Under The Spotlight)” is a piece of art by Argentinian artist Amelia Pica. It’s been making the rounds in the blogosphere (including at Brain Pickings), and you can see it below. is how Ms. Pica describes it:

“During the period of dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s, gatherings of citizens were closely monitored as they were considered a threat to the government. at the same time Group Theory and Venn diagrams were banned from primary school programs as they could provide a model for subversive thought.”

Boy oh boy, will sure make a great discussion topic in class — in English and in IB Theory of Knowledge!

Amalia Pica 2

Photo by mariejirousek

I’ll add a link to list over at A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Infographics.

The Washington Post has published 40 charts that explain the world.

John Venn’s 180th birthday was in 2014. He, of course, introduced the Venn Diagram to the world.

Here are some fun Venn Diagrams:

Google placed an interactive Venn Diagram its home page.

Here’s a Venn Diagram of Venn Diagrams.

This is the first Venn diagram ever published is from Vox.

You may have heard about the hullabaloo caused by the Hillary Clinton campaign when they sent out a tweet showing that at least one campaign staffer doesn’t have a clue about how to correctly used a Venn Diagram:

Here are a couple of useful, and humorous, articles about the aftermath:

Hillary Clinton gets schooled by the internet on how Venn diagrams work is from Quartz.

We fixed Hillary Clinton’s terrible Venn diagram on gun control is from The Washington Post.

This Venn Diagram poem is brilliant, and was shared by Tom Bennett on Twitter:


Looking for Graphs to Use in the Classroom? Here Are 34 is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Over 60 New York Times Graphs for Students to Analyze is from The NY Times Learning Network.

Again, I hope to hear suggestions from readers….

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