I use my iPhone a lot to record student presentations, particularly in my ESL and Theory of Knowledge classes. I then upload it to YouTube for either private or public viewing. The internal mike in the iPhone is not very good, though.

I have been using the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Handheld Mic for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPadm which sells for $47, and it’s worked quite well. For simple recordings where the person videotaping can be quite close, which is primarily in my ESL classes, students love to hold the microphone, too, and pass it to each other when they’re speaking.

However, for more formal presentations where the iPhone has to be a bit farther away, that mike does an adequate, but not great, job.

I recently read about the iRig MIC Cast, and thought it might be worth trying as an alternative mike for these kinds of presentations. It sells for $35.

I haven’t tried it at school yet, but my home experiments seemed to be successful. I’ll let readers know how it works in the classroom.

Are there other microphones that have worked for you?

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