Here are today’s additions to A Beginning List Of The Best Resources On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike:

National Schools Debate Is on Display in Chicago is from The New York Times.

Unions Are Striking Back, at Last is from The New York Times.

47% of Chicago voters back teachers is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Teachers’ Leader in Chicago Strike Shows Her Edge is from The New York Times.

Strike Issues Stuck in Gray Areas, Political Nuance is from Education Week.

Chicago teachers strike places Obama at odds with key part of political base is from The Washington Post.

Striking Chicago teachers get support from parents is from The Detroit News (thanks CoopMike).

Questions Linger After Day 1 of Chicago Teachers’ Strike is from Education Week.

U.S. Teachers Pay Close Attention To Chicago is from NPR.

Here’s a picture of students marching with striking teachers’:

CHICAGO’S TEACHER PROBLEM, AND OURS is from The New Yorker. Here’s a quote from it: