Here are the newest additions to A Beginning List Of The Best Resources On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike:

See all Education Week articles about the strike at this link, which is continually updated.

At the Core of the Chicago Strike, Mistrust is by Barnett Berry.

Teachers in Chicago School Strike Deserve Respect is from US News.

Their Fight Is Our Fight is from Rethinking Schools.

In Chicago, a Democratic civil war is by Harold Myerson in The Washington Post.

Chicago mayor: Get kids in class during contract talks with teachers is from NBC.

Chicago strike: A wiser teacher evaluation policy benefits the kids is by Kevin Weiner.

The Chicago Strike and the History of American Teachers’ Unions is by Dana Goldstein.

Two Visions for Chicago’s Schools is by Diane Ravitch at The New York Review of Books.

As Chicago Teachers Strike, Unions At A Crossroad is at NPR.

Push to Add Charter Schools Hangs Over Strike is from The New York Times.

Chicago Teachers Strike and Standardized Tests is by Marvin Marshall.

Chicago Teachers’ Strike Enters Third Day is from The New York Times.

Why shouldn’t Chicago teachers ask for air- conditioned schools? is from The Washington Post.

Why Rahm Emanuel and The New York Times are wrong about teacher evaluation is from The Washington Post.

Head Of Chicago Teachers Union Rose The Ranks is from NPR.