Teachers Union in Chicago to Extend Strike Into 2nd Week is the headline of a New York Times article.

No school until at least Wednesday, CTU President Karen Lewis says is the headline of an article at The Chicago Sun-Times. Here are some quotes from it:

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said the decision not to return to class was about trust — union delegates didn’t trust the Chicago Public Schools’ latest proposal and wanted more time to review it….

Delegates were not receiving formal written contract language about the deal so some wanted to keep the strike in place until they could see written language and bounce it off their constituents in schools.

Lewis said the delegates don’t trust the school board at this point.

“Why would you make a decision on something you haven’t had a chance to look at?” she said. “They have language. They see the language. But it’s not finished. We’ve been almost guaranteed that it might be finished by Tuesday.”

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I’m adding this info to The Best Resources On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike.