The New York Times has published Gangnam Style, Original and in Imitation, which includes the original video that started the worldwide craze and a nice fun selection of imitations.

It offers so many different options for language acquisition:

* Showing them to students using the “back-to-the-screen” strategy — pairing them up while one has their back to the video and the other has to describe in English what they’re seeing (there’s more to it that you can learn at the link).

* Having students create Venn Diagrams and a short Compare/Contrast essay about them.

* Put students in small groups where they speak different home languages so they have to speak in English to plan and perform their own Gangnam Style performance — that could even be videotaped!

How else do you think you could use this in the classroom?


Via Alexander Russo, here’s a teacher at a high school pep rally doing his own version: