Felix Baumgartner has made it safely back to earth. Here are a few quick links about his jump — most also include multimedia features:

Skydiver breaks record for manned balloon flight at 23 miles high is from NBC.

Daredevil Jumps, and Lands on His Feet is from The New York Times.

Jumping From the Stratosphere is a NY Times slideshow.

The space adventure you can’t miss is from CNN.

Here’s a gif of his jump.

There he is!! Everything perfect. #SpaceJumpLIVE on Twitpic

Here’s an interactive from his main site.

The Telegraph has a nice interactive.

Here’s a BBC video and article.

Skydive from space: everything you need to know – interactive is from The Guardian.

Felix Baumgartner: Daredevil’s Supersonic Leap Breaks Three Records
is from ABC News.

Source: livescience.com

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