We’re learning about fallacies in my Theory of Knowledge class this week. Students are developing their own definitions for many of them, and then they’ll be creating their own commercials that will use at least four fallacies that the class will have to identify.

As part of learning about the different fallacies, I’ve put together some multimedia resources, including useful commercials that illustrate some of them (and which they then have to identify). Here are some. I hope that readers will suggest more:

Here’s a great infographic from Information is Beautiful.

Here’s a useful clip from The West Wing

An Illustrated Book Of Bad Arguments is a freely available online book that has wonderful illustrations of logical fallacies.

Here are some examples from it:

Slippery Slope:


Straw Man:


Appeal To Bandwagon:


The PBS Idea Channel has released a series of videos about logical fallacies:

One assignment I learned about at my original IB Theory of Knowledge training was having groups of students invent a classroom appropriate product and have them create a short commercial four of the fallacies that we have studied. I have each group show their video, and then they call on people to identify the fallacies used in it.

Here’s an example of one from this year:

Fallacy Video – Tape

Get Students to Reflect on the Logical Fallacies in Arguments is by Shelly Terrell.

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