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I’m beginning a multi-part series at my Education Week Teacher blog on “brain-based learning” and thought that readers might find a “The Best…” list useful. There’s a lot out there on the topic, but there also seems to be a lot of questionable resources that use that phrase. I’m hoping that readers can help me add to it.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources On “Brain-Based Learning”:

The Best Resources For Showing Students That They Make Their Brain Stronger By Learning

I’ve posted Q & A Collections: Brain-Based Learning over at my Education Week Teacher blog. It brings all my brain-based learning posts there together in one place.

The Teacher In Development blog has a great post about brain-based research and how it relates to teaching ESL.

Edutopia has published another one of their excellent free guides. This one is titled “Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning.” All you have to do is quickly register on the site, and it’s yours….

Here’s the video of an excellent Edutopia Webinar on brain-based learning. It’s led by teacher/author/neurologist Judy Willis.

Brain-Based Learning is a great summary by Judy Willis.

Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning is also by Judy Willis. I’m adding it to the same list.

What Brain Insights Can Boost Your Student’s Classroom Success? is from Eric Jensen.

How The Memory Works In Learning is by Judy Willis.

The Single Most Important Study Fact You Will Ever Learn has some useful information, and is from Schooled For Life.

You’ll find many related resources at The Best Posts & Articles On “Motivating” Students.

The Simple Things I Do To Promote Brain-Based Learning In My Classroom is by Judy Willis.

Nine Things Educators Need to Know About the Brain is from Daily Good.

Great Student Hand-Out On Learning & The Brain

Article On Learning & The Brain That’s Perfect For Tenth, Eleventh, & Twelfth Graders

eSchool Media has just published a free sixty-page report titled The Science of Learning: How Current Brain Research Can Improve Education. I’ve only had a chance to skim through it, and it looks useful.

Foundations of Professional Development is by Geoffrey Caine and Renate N. Caine.

Strategies to Prevent the Neurotoxic Impact of School Stress is by Judy Willis.

Which is Better? is by Eric Jensen.

Looking at Executive Function is by Rick Wormeli.

Why All Students Should Write: A Neurological Explanation For Literacy is by Judy Willis.

5 Strategies to Improve Working Memory Skills is from Learning Works For Kids.

Building Brain Literacy in Elementary Students is by Judy Willis and appeared in Edutopia.

The Education Endowment Foundation has published a useful free Neuroscience and Education Literature Review. They describe it as:

A review of education literature, considering the impact of neuroscience informed approaches or interventions on the attainment of children.

3 Brainy Strategies Boost Student Learning is from Middleweb.

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