I’m obvously no big fan of the Obama Administration’s education agenda. However, I’ve got to say that it’s pretty scary to read Karl Hess’ Education post, “What Would a President Romney Do on K-12?

I’m all for what Hess suggests might be a “lighter touch” in some areas, but what he projects as Romney’s changes to Title 1 funds (which go to high-poverty schools like ours) are downright scary:

Perhaps the sharpest distinction between the Obama administration and a prospective Romney administration lies with the issue of school choice. Romney’s major proposal would expand school choice by essentially turning $15 billion in Title I funding and $12 billion in IDEA funds into “vouchers” that eligible students could spend to attend any district, charter, or private school (state law permitting) or for tutoring programs or digital courses.

Hello, privatization!

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And we all know how well the NCLB system of tutoring has gone (see “Study Sees Little Traction for NCLB’s Tutoring Provisions”).