This is the latest in the series of “The Best…” lists I’m putting together for my ELL Geography class. You can see the previous ones here.

Here are my choices for The Best Geography Sites For Learning About The United States & Canada:

I’ll start with some related “Best” lists:

The Best Sites For Learning About New York City

The Best Sites To Learn About Los Angeles

The Best Websites For Teaching & Learning About New Orleans

The Best Websites To Learn About California

The Best Sites To Learn About Canada

Here are other sites:

Scribble States
Sheppard Software USA Games

Sheppard Software Canada Games

Lizard Point States Quiz

Where is the state?

Map Puzzles

Since Geography also means knowing at least a little about a country’s history, here are some useful links related to the United States:

The Best Websites For Learning About Civic Participation & Citizenship

Preparing For U.S. Citizenship

United States History Class Blog