I’ve previously posted about Meograph, a web tool that lets you create an audio-narrated digital story. In fact, it’s been on two of my “The Best” lists for a few months — The Best Map-Making Sites On The Web and to The Best Ways To Create Online Slideshows.

I did have one reservation about it, though — it apparently did not let you grab images off the web by inserting its url address.

Today, Richard Byrne wrote a post about Meograph starting a new education page.

That prompted me to visit their site again to see if they had added that feature of grabbing photos off the web. I didn’t see it, and shot them an email asking if they were planning on having that capability in the future.

Well, they responded immediately and said that it’s there now — all you have to do it copy and paste the image’s url address in the YouTube field.

That ability now possibly makes it an almost ideal digital storytelling tool for English Language Learners. I’m looking forward to trying it our with my students next week…