Here are several articles about the affect of Hurricane Sandy on New York and New Jersey schools (you might also be interested in The Best Online Resources About Hurricane Sandy):

With Students Set to Return, Schools Face Tough Logistics is from The New York Times.

The New York Times Learning Network has an article from a New Jersey educator.

The First Day in the Classroom, Post-Sandy is by a teacher and appeared in the New York Times.

New York’s Battered Public School System is an interactive from The Wall Street Journal.

Suspend Testing after the Hurricane is by Yong Zhao.

Hurricane Sandy: Recommendations for Administrators and Teachers by Denny Taylor is from Yong Zhao.

New Books For The Youngest Victims Of Hurricane Sandy is from The Shanker Blog.

New York Schools Back in Session…Mostly
is from Education Week.

Pictures: Schools At Center Of Storm Aftermath is from This Week In Education.

Gotham Schools is probably the best place to get up-to-date info on NYC schools.

NYcore has posted a ton of Sandy-related lesson plans.

School in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood begins healing process after Hurricane Sandy

Schools Reopen to Snarls; Transit Headaches Persist is from The New York Times.

Some New York City Students Head Back To School is from NPR.

Hurricane Sandy Damage To Schools: Power Outages, Flooding Keep Schools Closed In New York, Elsewhere (PHOTOS) is from The Huffington Post.

More Students Return to Classroom, at Strange Schools in Strange Places is from The New York Times.

Weighing Dangers of Cold Classrooms Against Risks of Missing Class
is from The New York Times.

Students In Displaced Schools Can Now Attend Nearest School They Can Get To is from NY1.

Youth Voices has a collection of student essays about Sandy.

A Good School Washed Away in the Storm is by Robert Pondiscio.

This is from the PBS News Hour (thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip):

The Road to Disaster Recovery is from Teaching Tolerance.

Students Lives Upended is a New York Times slideshow.

For storm-swept Rockaway football team, a brief bright moment is from Gotham Schools.

Uprooted in Storm, Students Endure Trek to Class is from The New York Times.