With the power still out for millions in the wake of Sandy, there have been some very interesting resources popping up on the Web for ways to still stay electronically connected. Most people who could probably use info won’t be able to read blog, but I will certainly fund it useful to keep in mind when climate change starts creating new disasters that will affect us in California.

I hope readers will contribute other ideas, too.

Here are my choices for The Best Ideas On How To Stay Electronically Connected When The Power’s Out:

How to Keep Electronics Going With No Power
is from David Pogue at The New York Times. The two hundred comments are worth looking at, too.

How to use the Internet when the Internet is gone is from NBC News.

How to use Twitter when you lose Internet access is from The Washington Post.

Power Is Where You Find It is from The New York Times.

Mobile Chargers Ease That Feeling of Powerlessness is from The New York Times.

How to stay connected in a power outage is from the Associated Press.

Mophie’s Powerstation XL Packs In The Power For Extended Time Away From Outlets is from TechCrunch.

Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger ARK Lets Mobile Users Cut The Cord is from TechCrunch.

If You Need More Power, This Backup Battery Can Survive Even When Your Phone Can’t
is from TechCrunch.

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