Though I never imagined nearly six years ago when I published the first “The Best…” that this day would come, earlier today I posted the one thousandth post in the series.

You can see all of them categorized by topic area here, and listed chronologically here.

I regularly update the vast majority of them. There are two exceptions, however — I don’t update the links in any “annual” lists (Best Web 2.0 Applications of 2010, etc) and nor do I update links on lists related to specific events like natural disasters. However, usually the most important links from those lists end up on one of the lists I do update regularly.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t find dead links on many of the lists. But their number should be minimal.

I think the best way to find a list you might be looking for is to go to either of the pages — categorized by topic or chronologically — and search by using “Control” plus “F.”

I know I’ve found the lists invaluable for my own work and for the work of my students. I hope they have been as useful for readers….