I do an annual “The Best…” list on the “words of the year” that various organizations name at about this time of the year. The Oxford English Dictionary announced their words yesterday, and figured was as good a day as any to start this year’s collection. I’ll add to it as other groups make their announcements.

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Here are my choices for The Best “Words Of The Year” Features For 2012:

Oxford Dictionaries USA Word of the Year 2012 is ‘to GIF’ is from The Oxford Dictionaries.

Oxford Dictionaries UK Word of the Year 2012: ‘omnishambles’ is also from the Oxford Dictionaries.

Why GIF Is Not the Word of the Year is from Slate.

“Omnishambles” is Word Of The Year is a lesson for English Language Learners from Breaking News English.

Inside the Search for 2012’s Word of the Year is an interesting piece from The Atlantic that reviews different groups that pick “words of the year.” It also announces that Dictionary.com just picked “bluster” as their word for 2012.

2012’s Most Looked-Up Words Were..
. is from The Atlantic.

An A-to-Z Guide to 2012’s Worst Words is from The Atlantic.

Test Your 2012 Slang Skills is a fun interactive from The PBS News Hour.

Words of 2012 is from The New York Times.

The most annoying words of the year
comes from Reuters.

What new words were created in 2012? is a video from The BBC.

25 wonderful words and phrases we learned in 2012 is from The Week.

Let’s Double Down On A Superstorm Of Malarkey: Picking 2012’s Word Of The Year is from NPR.

The Words That Will Be Banished in 2013 is from The Atlantic.

Good Riddance! ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Tops List Of ‘Words To Be Banished’ is from NPR.

The American Dialect Society has just named “hashtag” its word of the year. You can see all the other winners at the same link.

Top 10 words you should use more in 2013 is from The Washington Post.

Newting, Plutoed, and Heaven-O: 20 Years of Dumb New Words is from The Atlantic.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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