We have three weeks left until our Winter Break, and last week I asked students to identify three school-related goals they wanted to accomplish by that time.

After they chose them, I handed out this form, where they copied each of their goals and made a specific action plan on what they had to do to achieve them.

The action plans were a bit mixed at first, but today I was able to highlight examples of good specific ones (an action plan for the goal of “improve my reading” could be something like “read ten minutes more each night” instead of “be better in class”) and students were able to re-write them.

Last Friday, and every Friday over the next three weeks, students will assess how they are doing accomplishing their goal and make adjustments (there is space in the form for that). They also share with a partner.

In addition, since we take a minute near the beginning of each class so students — if they choose — can visualize success in working towards goals, they can use these three goals as ones they focus on during that time.

It seems to be working well. And it certainly can’t hurt…

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