I usually “virtually” attend the Edublogs Awards ceremony each year — it’s a lot of fun to connect in the chat window with bloggers and twitterers from around the world, and to hear actual voices!

I’m probably going to miss it this year, though, because of school and basketball commitments, but I’m still going to try to make at least part of it.

Here’s the info on the event:

We will (virtually) meet in Blackboard Collaborate to announce the winners and celebrate together.

Winners that are present will have a chance to say a few words as well, so be prepared!

When: Wednesday, December 12th at 7pm EST (see in your timezone here)

Where: Click on this link here and you will be taken there. We’ll arrive around 30 minutes early to get  setup.

And stick around for the after-party to meet up with your favorite bloggers and celebrate another exciting year!