Yesterday’s debacle in Michigan with the Governor signing a “right to work” law after saying it wasn’t on his agenda has generated a lot of interest in what “right to work” actually means — for Michigan and for other parts of the country.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources On Learning About “Right To Work” Laws:

What do ‘right-to-work’ laws do to a state’s economy? is from The Washington Post.

The misleading framing of ‘right-to-work’ is from Ezra Klein at The Washington Post.

The Lansing-Beijing connection is by Harold Myerson at The Washington Post.

‘Can we have a liberal America without unions? History says no.’ is from The Washington Post and is an interview with labor scholar Nelson Lichtenstein.

Rick Snyder on ‘Right to Work’ is from The New York Times.

Feel free to offer additional suggestions.

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